Are you looking for an additional resource to help students who struggle with reading? Do you also need materials that are appropriate for English learners?


These books are easy to read, with short sentences, easy vocabulary, and compelling stories that focus on realistic situations faced by teens.


They are clean, classroom-appropriate, and do not contain sex or profanity. They have hopeful messages about overcoming real-life problems to inspire students and help them develop positive attitudes about themselves.


Lexile measures range from 390 to 540. The paperback versions are printed in a special font that's easier to read for students who are dyslexic. These books provide an effective way to reach students who struggle with reading.


Russ Thompson, Ed.D.
I'm a retired educator who served as a reading teacher and high school principal in Los Angeles. During my many years of working with young people, I observed that every student can succeed. These books are designed to help teens improve their reading skills, develop confidence, and go on to read books that are more challenging. 
They are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and suppliers such as Express Booksellers.